IGNIS's mission is to serve as an active planning tool in developing strategies applied in the Brazilian natural gas market, combining technical expertise and robust technology in a single environment.

With IGNIS, customized scenarios for projecting natural gas, oil and natural gas liquids (NGL) can be created for any Brazilian producing region with a variety of filters that allow understanding and assessment of current and planned infrastructure.

Using data such as distribution networks, location of main industries, consumption of energy sources by district and others, IGNIS also becomes an important tool for mapping the demand and its features, enabling analysis of the substitution potential and possible trends.

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• Is there infrastructure available to yield and process a future field’s production?

• If not, what is the best investment alternative to allow such production? New route? Change in reinjection?

• What is the presence of other players and what types of strategies can they adopt?

• How is demand distributed and characterized throughout the country?

• What are the possible transport cost for a given pair of entry and exit points in the transport network?


• Projection of gas, oil andNGL production by player, pipeline, NGPU, field and other filters;

• More than 400 production units in the reference scenario (offshore and onshore);

• Infrastructure bottleneck andinvestment opportunity analysis;

• Mapping of distribution networks, transport pipelines, location of main industries, refineries and power plants;

• Historical demand by city-gate and segment;

• Simulation of entry-exit transport tariffs.

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